Project brief

Kuriyama of America's marketing team was looking for a fresh visual concept for their 2021 trade shows. Something that could be used all year to tie together the social graphics that were posted for each show.

Skills utilized:

Keep the project running and on-time. Liaison with decision makers.
Ideation, web design, and graphic design
Front-end HTML, CSS, Javascript, and E-blast HTML
Edit and create video updates with graphics and footage


After doing some sketching, I arrived on the idea of the Kuriyama marketing team taking a summer road trip – packing up their products and driving a RV camper cross country to all the trade show locations for that year. The background behind the RV would change with each graphic – depending on where the trade show was. I worked up a couple of design ideas and presented them to the client. I also pitched building a dedicated trade show website that would house updates from each trade show, and could also announce giveaways for trade show attendees. The client loved it.

I developed the social graphic templates, the website, an e-blast template, as well as assets for videos. After each trade show, the client would send me multiple photos as well as a brief text update. I would create a new page on the website for the show with these.

Once the 2021 trade show season ended, I had updated the website multiple times, created over a dozen social graphics, sent out 4 e-blast updates, and created 4 video updates.


Now in its third year, the Kuriyama Road Show is still going strong. I have built on the concept each year, changing the graphics a bit to keep the campaign fresh. The client is still happy with the campaign and faithfully sends me content for website updates.

KOA Road Show